Blancaneaux Lodge Guides & Conservation Officer help with ongoing Scarlet Macaw research

Posted 06-02-11 at 12:10 PM

Eddie Tzib and Roni Martinez from Blancaneaux Lodge have been helping researcher Charles Britt and Marcial Cordova of Wildlife Conservation Society of Guatemala with the ongoing research of the Belize population of Scarlet Macaws. 

This year’s project included trapping individual Scarlet Macaws and placing Telonics satellite telemetry collars on them. Although this is a slow process covering a large area, the goal was accomplished over a two week period, and now three adult Macaws have been fitted with the satellite transmitters. These collars are already sending in data on the daily movements of the birds and will be key in finally deciphering the exact migration route of the Macaws over the Maya Mountains. Over the next two months, monitoring expeditions will continue as the breeding season draws to an end.

During the expedition, illegal poachers were documented climbing some nests, which prompted intervention by FCD (Friends for Conservation and Development) National Park Rangers. The threat to the survival of this isolated and declining species remains, and Blancaneaux Lodge is committed to helping the respective authorities and researchers in their constant battle to save it from extinction.

Turtle Inn supports Turtle Watch Program

Posted 04-19-11 at 10:28 AM

Khristina Bonham, a Conservation and Biodiversity Masters student at the University of Exeter, has been working with ECOMAR Belize on the newly formed Turtle Watch Program. Last month she visited Turtle Inn, and for six days gave informative presentations to the guests, conducted water surveys for sea turtles and trained at our dive shop on how to report sightings in the future. Below are the journal entries from her stay. Read More


Biodiversity Research & Conservation - National Bird Surveys

Posted 04-14-11 at 3:27 PM

H. Lee Jones, author of the “Birds of Belize” field guide, visited Blancaneaux Lodge in early March as part of the routine bird surveys he does along the entire length of the country. Roni Martinez, the Lodge's Conservation Officer, joined Jones for a day and managed to cover a span of approximately thirty miles, recording all birds found along this transect. A total of 102 species were recorded, including the Broad-winged Hawk, Scarlet Macaw, Collared Trogon, Plain Wren and King Vulture. Most importantly, the Orange-crowned Warbler was recorded during the survey, only the second such occurence ever in Belize. Read More