Wildlife Experts Bruce & Carolyn Miller to visit Blancaneaux Lodge

Posted 03-01-10 at 1:20 PM

Blancaneaux Lodge will be hosting bat and wildlife experts Bruce & Carolyn Miller from March 3-9, 2010. The Millers are conducting a risk assessment for the bats of Belize, deploying acoustic monitoring stations around the lodge and at cave mouths within a 10-mile radius. There are 78 species of bats in Belize and they are good indicators of environmental health. If we lose bats and the important ecosystem services they provide, we may lose much of Belize’s tropical forests and vegetation as bats are critical in pollinating many fruits and dispersing fruit seeds in open areas.

Real time monitoring of the acoustic devices will take place at the lodge and guests will have the opportunity to observe the Millers catching bats in harp traps and mist nets. In the evenings, the Millers will provide lectures and a fascinating slide show. The Millers are soon to publish a guide book on the Bats of Belize.

Picture: Bat & Wildlife Expert Bruce Miller sets up a bat harp net.