Biodiversity Research & Conservation - National Bird Surveys

Posted 04-14-11 at 3:27 PM

H. Lee Jones, author of the “Birds of Belize” field guide, visited Blancaneaux Lodge in early March as part of the routine bird surveys he does along the entire length of the country. Roni Martinez, the Lodge's Conservation Officer, joined Jones for a day and managed to cover a span of approximately thirty miles, recording all birds found along this transect. A total of 102 species were recorded, including the Broad-winged Hawk, Scarlet Macaw, Collared Trogon, Plain Wren and King Vulture. Most importantly, the Orange-crowned Warbler was recorded during the survey, only the second such occurence ever in Belize.

“We found an Orange-crowned Warbler, a North American stray that had only once before been recorded in Belize and several Scarlet Macaws in a remote area where the pine ridge gives way to broadleaf forest along the upper Macal River – a truly outstanding adventure,” said Jones, about his stay at Blancaneaux Lodge.

During a bird survey in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, Lee Jones and Roni Martinez obtained the second record of an Orange-crowned Warbler in Belize. // Photo courtesy of