Gift Shop

Explore the crafts of Belize and its neighboring countries in our gift store. Eleanor Coppola personally gathers many of our local artisan-made items. Hand-carved and painted wooden masks, which are featured in our room decor, are available for purchase and make an impressive display. Our boutique hotel in Belize also has an excellent collection of one-of-a-kind hand woven huipils bought directly from weavers in Guatemala (See below for more info on huipils). An assortment of traditional jewelry made of silver, jade and other precious stones is also available.

What in the world are Huipils?
The huipil (wee-peel) is not only a functional component of a Mayan woman’s wardrobe, but also doubles as collection of symbols representing her family, religion, village and social status. Worn everyday, the huipils are woven to last as long as thirty years. Special huipils are also made for ceremonial dress. Women in colder climates often wear a sobrehuipil over their primary huipil to keep warm. After a huipil eventually begins to wear and fray, it is often cut into sections that then are woven back together into a large piece of fabric, in which it continues to testify to the extraordinary weaving tradition of its culture.


Featured Amenities

Featured Amenities

Horse Stables

Enjoy an equestrian sightseeing tour through the lowlands of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Our horseback riding tours are ideal for all riders, regardless of skill level.