Moonlight Night Hike

As darkness covers the rainforest, the predators start to roam their kingdom in search of prey.  As most of Belize’s large mammals are nocturnal, this is your best chance to actually see them in their natural habitat.  After a short drive from the lodge our guided walk begins along the edge of the pine forest and into the jungle.  At a slow and quiet pace, we search the forest for gibnuts, armadillos, peccaries and other wildlife, including the elusive jaguar. To learn more about Belize travel activities or Belize resort tours, call 866-356-5881.

Departs: One hour after moon set
Price: $100 US per person, minimum 2 persons
Length: 3-4 hours.  Shorter adventures can be arranged with the concierge.
Level of difficulty: Moderate to High.

Price does not include General Sales Tax.


Featured Amenities

Featured Amenities

Waterfall Spa

Invigorate the soul with a soak in the natural hot pool before feeling the calm and relaxation of a traditional Thai massage.