Tikal, Guatemala

Step outside our luxury resort in Belize, and take a full day tour to perhaps the most visually stunning of all the Maya sites. Tikal’s five monolithic temples pierce the jungle canopy (Temple IV reaches a height of almost 230 feet) and ancient plazas, steles and ball courts tell of a rich and powerful history when Tikal’s population reached almost 100,000. Today the site is recognized as one of the archeological wonders of the Americas.  Its unspoiled jungle setting within the Tikal National Park makes it a paradise for birders, nature lovers and amateur archaeologists as well.

Pricing includes park entrance fees, Tikal guide, snacks and lunch

6:00 am

2014 Prices - valid December 20, 2013 through December 19, 2014
1-2 people - US$499 (BZ$998)
3 or more - US$221 (BZ$442) per person
Add US $158 (BZ$316) for an exclusive private tour

Prices are tax exempted.

*Note: There are border fees as you depart Belize*


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Featured Amenities

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