Additional Maya Tours

Additional Maya Tours

Listed below are the many additional tours we offer exploring the great Maya ruins. Please contact us directly for pricing and scheduling information.

Tikal Sunrise Tour
We invite you to join us on the 4-hour "Tikal Sunrise Experience." The sunrise tour is something you will never forget. Throughout the tour, we will speak about Mayan history, archaeology and nature. We begin the tour hiking through the park in the darkness and witnessing the sounds of the jungle waking up. We then climb Temple IV, the Double-Headed Serpent Temple "Serpiente Bicefala" and the largest in Pre-Colombian America. While on top of the Mayan ruin built thousands of years ago, we contemplate the peacefulness and mysteriousness of the morning mist, in the dense forest of Guatemala, and the sounds of tropical birds and animals starting the day.

Tikal at Sunset
This tour offers special access to the magical Maya site of Tikal at sunset, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquility of the site and to marvel at the special ‘sense of place’ that the majestic temples, spacious courtyards and towering forest canopy create. The silence is frequently punctured by the call of howler monkeys and it’s easy to step back in time and imagine causeways bustling with life and shamans’ holding court atop the monolithic limestone temples. 

Mystic Tikal
Experience a full day of ancient Tikal in the company of mystical Shaman AJ Kin. AJ Kin is roughly translated as 'the day keeper' and he learned the ways of the ancients from his grandparents. This tour of Tikal will introduce you to the fascinating world of Maya culture and beliefs. Starting as an archaeological tour you will be led through the veil of time to experience the citadels' most sacred and atmospheric sites. Your tour will culminate in a sacred ceremony where time and man become 'one.'

Yaxhá at Sunset
Departing from La Lancha, we drive east through rolling countryside and small farming villages toward the Belizean border before arriving for a guided tour of the ancient Maya site of Yaxhá set on the banks of the beautiful Yaxhá lagoon. Sipping wine from atop Temple 216 as the sun silently slips below the horizon you’ll be able to enjoy views of both lakes and the Temple of the Red Hand Prints. 

Located just two hours from La Lancha, the history of Uaxactún lies entwined with its near neighbor and greatest rival Tikal. While excavating the site, Archaeologists discovered remarkable late Pre-classic sculptures and elaborately decorated temple platforms featuring large plaster masks representing the sacred Witz Monster. The grounds of the site are beautifully maintained and the on-site museum contains a wonderful collection of unique artifacts. 

Seibal / El Ceibal
The impressive ruins of Seibal lie on an important trade route linking the Petén Lowlands of Guatemala with the Caribbean coast and Mexico.  We travel by vehicle to the banks of the Pasión River, and then take a scenic boat trip to the isolated yet well maintained Maya site of Seibal.  Seibal is located just inland on a large bend in the river. It’s a beautifully landscaped, partially excavated site comprised of three main ‘groups’ occupying different hilltops. Numerous stelae depict events after the Classic Maya collapse of the Petexbatún kingdom while monuments at the site show influences from non-Maya cultures of central Mexico and the Gulf Coast.  

The trip to Aguateca is an exciting full day adventure combining nature and archaeology. From the river port town of Sayaxche on the Rio Pasión we board a motorized boat for the three-hour trip downstream to the ruins of Aguateca, the capital city of the dynasty founded in 645 AD by the prince of Tikal. Today, Aguateca is a fortified Maya city located close to Dos Pilas on a plateau overlooking the river steep escarpments and a 200-feet deep chasm, the inhabitants also erected wooden palisades helping to defend their land. 

Ixcún, Maya Museum & Mopan Waterfalls
Close to the Belize border and the Maya site of Caracol lays Ixcún, boasting some of the largest Maya stelae in Pétén. After exploring the site we’ll drive to Dolores and take a tour of the fascinating Maya Museum, which houses artifacts from nearby Maya sites, before stopping at the Rio Mopan Waterfalls for a refreshing swim.

This genuine adventure begins along a paved highway to the ‘Cultural Triangle’ of the Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo Natural Monument. Comprised on wetlands as well as low and high forest, the Monument is a critical habitat for rare and endangered species such as Morelet’s crocodile, Baird’s tapir and black howler monkeys. Nakum is an impressive and beautiful site located on the banks of the Holmul River, boasting the second most restored Maya structures in Guatemala (after Tikal). Excavations lasted 14 years with over 300 workers employed by the research teams involved. The majority of structures unearthed date back to the Late Classic period and includes 15 stelae, a 44-room palace and a residential complex.



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