Ixpanpajul Skyway by Boat

Located across Lake Petén is the magnificent Ixpanpajul Skyway. The Skyway is a six suspension bridge complex that provides the opportunity to explore the different strata of the rainforest. The canopy walkway suspension bridges and trails require a moderate level of fitness as the trails are occasionally steep and humidity can be high under the forest canopy. There’s even a zip line for the adventurous. The return trip to La Lancha will include a short stop in Flores, allowing time to peruse the local arts and crafts shops along the narrow cobbled streets and visit the prominent Cathedral.

Duration:  Approximately 4 hours
Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee, snacks and drinks.



Featured Dwellings

Featured Dwellings

Rainforest Casitas

The resorts rustic casitas offer expansive porches with spectacular views of Lago Petén Itzá and bright, stylish furnishing inspired by native art.