Lake Peten Itza
Peten District, Guatemala

La Lancha is tucked into the rainforest high above the shore of Lago Petén Itzá in Guatemala’s largest and most northern department, the Petén. The lodge is located an hour away from the Belize border and only a 45-minute drive from the magnificent Maya ruins of Tikal and the Maya Biosphere Reserve.
Across the lake, the ancient island capital of the Itzá tribe, Tayasal, now lies under the cobbled streets and colonial buildings of modern day Flores. La Lancha’s ideal location makes it easy to explore the wonders of the ancient Maya. The spectacular monuments of Tikal, Uxactun, Yaxhá, Topoxte, Nakum, Dos Pilas, Aguateca and Seibal can all be visited by day tour, and helicopter access during the summer months opens up other mighty Maya sites such as El Mirador, Dos Pilas, El Peru Waka and Cancuen.
The neighboring forest lends itself to a wide range of Guatemala activities and adventure options as well, whether it be aerial walkway, zip line, horseback or jungle trail, while Lago Petén Itzá can be enjoyed by canoe, kayak or launch.
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