three perfect days
An 18th century treasure exquisitely restored by renowned interior designer Jacques Grange, Palazzo Margherita offers a stunning backdrop for a magical getaway to Basilicata, Southern Italy’s undiscovered and unspoiled destination. We invite you to imagine yourself spending three memorable days at Palazzo Margherita and its neighboring best-kept secrets. Learn More...
carpe diem packages
Experience the local food and wine scene through excursions to local markets, ancient wine cellars, historic sites and specialty restaurants while also having the opportunity to participate in intimate cooking classes and tastings at the property. Learn More...
culinary experience
Learn the delicious cooking of Basilicata from the Palazzo's own chefs, who teach daily classes in our luxury Italy hotel's state-of-the-art kitchen. Elemental and deeply-flavored, the region's cuisine flows from the ever-changing abundance of local produce, meat and fish, not to mention a wide array of artisanal cheeses, breads and home-made pasta specialties.
honeymoon experience
Many years ago, when the Palazzo was still the private home of the Margherita family, owner Giuseppe asked local artisans to paint the ceiling of this suite with a romantic mythological scene (Cupid and Psyche) in order to bestow good fortune and a happy marriage for his beloved daughter. It gives us great pleasure to continue this tradition for our newlywed guests. Learn More...
Within twenty minutes of the Palazzo many miles of sandy beaches extend along the cobalt-blue shores of the Ionian Sea. Choose between quiet seclusion or beach club action.
sports & outdoors
Two eighteen-hole golf courses and tennis courts are nearby. An hour's drive away, Pollino National Park offers spectacular mountain trails and wildlife. Locally, we provide bicycles and itineraries for fitness and sightseeing tours.
monuments & museums
From neolithic cave dwellings to the ancient Greek ruins outside Metaponto to the superb contemporary sculpture museum in Matera, Basilicata is home to a diverse array of cultural and historical attractions.
local towns and villages
Small mountain villages dot Basilicata's sculpted hills, offering an experience of life untouched by tourism, setting us apart from other Italy luxury hotels. Just 40 minutes from Bernalda is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera, where ancient cave dwellings, known as Sassi, have been reclaimed as picturesque churches, homes, museums and restaurants.