Sunset Spa

After a day of scuba diving or fly fishing along the barrier reef, experience the rejuvenating qualities of a luxurious spa treatment. Set in an open-air Balinese Rice House featuring hand-painted murals inspired by ancient art, the Sunset Spa boasts some of Turtle Inn’s most stunning views of Placencia Lagoon.

All treatments use only locally-sourced organic ingredients and at the request of Francis Coppola, our spa specializes in traditional Thai massage practiced by a professional staff that has studied the ancient techniques at the Sacred Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok.


Thai Massage
A traditional Thai massage that benefits the entire body from scalp to toes.  This rhythmic massage combines compressions, pressure point techniques and assisted stretching to stimulate energy pathways and improve flexibility.

60 minutes               US$112 (BZ$224)
90 minutes               US$131 (BZ$262)

Essential Oil Massage
A blend of traditional Thai and European massage techniques enhanced by the healing properties of essential oils.  This massage promotes deep relaxation, eases muscle tensions, and releases energy blockages to stimulate healing.

60 minutes               US$112 (BZ$224)
90 minutes               US$131 (BZ$262)

Oriental Foot Massage
All the energy meridians of the body are identified in the pressure points of the foot.  Massaging the feet provides relaxation, soothes pain and releases blocked energy.

30 min                     US$61 (BZ$122)


Sea Salt Body Glow
Ancient Sea Salts blended with your choice of Tangerine or Peppermint essential oils. This refreshing and invigorating exfoliation leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

30 min                      US$61 (BZ$122)

Complete this treatment with an Essential Oil Massage to seal in moisture and melt away any remaining tensions.

Oriental Body Glow
Wrap up in a blend of Green Tea, herbs and honey while you enjoy a face and scalp massage. The healing herbal blend will then be used to exfoliate the skin to a soft glow.  

30 min                      US$75 (BZ$150)

Complete this treatment with an Essential Oil Massage to seal in moisture and melt away any remaining tensions.


Maintain a healthy complexion with our purifying facial.  The treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and a nourishing customized mask to balance and refine your skin.

60 min                      US $75 (BZ$150)

Coconut Hair Rinse
This exotic coconut blend is a heavenly treat.  The deep conditioning properties of coconut milk restore moisture and sheen to weather damaged hair.   A foot massage compliments this luxurious treatment. 

30 min                      US$56 (BZ$112)

Rates subject to change. All listed rates do not include General Sales Tax and Service Charge.


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